Our own restoration candidate: A 1975 BMW 2002

How it all started. 1972 911 Targa, with air conditioning!

​There is no substitute for the original...

Restored 1966-1967 US Model Frankfurt

The current value of classic cars as investments is stronger than ever with a clear increase in prices for most makes and models of European manufacture. Good restoration candidates are becoming increasingly difficult to find, adding to their rarity. As a response to their popularity, we have seen people making their restorations increasingly authentic and finding it important to have the correct radio in the dash. People now recognize that you cannot finish the dash on a 1960's/1970's classic with a 1980's tape-deck. Realizing that nothing else will look correct and that there is no substitute, this aesthetic choice adds to the overall investment as well.   

With that in mind, we are currently restoring our own classic, our "mascot". A 1975 BMW 2002 in Inka Orange (think driving traffic cone) which will do just fine advertising our services at classic car shows. With a painstaking full restoration in mind, this car will of course be outfitted with a period correct Blaupunkt system.

​Our other classic is a vintage BMW as well. This 1981 BMW 318i Baur Convertible European market car is a true rust-free survivor with 72,000 miles and original paint. The original Blaupunkt system is unluckily gone, but we are currently installing an NOS Blaupunkt Frankfurt Stereo with a 1981 date code and original speakers.

After 30 years of owning a variety of classic European cars, I have always been intrigued with vehicles that have survived in their original condition and have always been especially excited to find the correct radio in any vehicle I've bought. 

I have been both collecting, restoring and selling  vintage radios now for almost two decades and find them quite beautiful, certainly a major highlight in any classic vehicle's dashboard. My first vintage Blaupunkt radio was in the dash of a low-mileage 1972 Porsche 911 Targa I found in a barn. That Blaupunkt Frankfurt model with the thin chrome faceplate and big blue dot on the dial face almost hurt more to let go of than the car itself when it was sold years later. 

After having sold and serviced hundreds of radios over the years to individual owners, collectors, restoration companies and automotive museums, we've enjoyed meeting the many interesting people that make up the full spectrum of the classic car community. Our passion for classic cars and radios wouldn't be the same without them.  


Our newest classic: 1981 BMW 318i survivor 

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